Illustrations for Readers Digest World Atlas

Here are some illustrations for a world atlas. Illustrations range from the galactic to the tectonic and beyond. Above you can see the development of the Earth from its beginnings to the modern world. Note the cross section of the planet showing the internal cycles of the Earth.

Illustrations also include, a diagram of cloud formation at sea, the atmosphere from the surface of Earth right out to space and a diagram of plate tectonics and volcanic eruption.

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Series of books on the human body 

Body, internal and external 

Here are some illustrations for Readers Digest. Detailed illustrations of the human body featuring the internal/external organs the layered structure of skin, lungs and the inner ear and the human skeleton. All illustrations were created with a high degree of accuracy using a variety of illustration techniques both traditional and high tech.

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Micro structures and cells 

A representation of the micro structures of the human body, of blood cells and the immune system. These were produced using modern techniques and utilise a more abstract ethereal quality to communicate the fascinating microscopic world of the human blood cell.

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