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Build an online comunity 

Here's what we did and continue to do with with Extreeme adventures on facebook:

  • First we identify what is of value to fans and what they are looking for and expecting when looking at a fan site.
  • Once that's established we develop a strategy for the content and the structure of that content, the way its grouped, organised and released.
  • Finally we need to Implement what we have developed, then monitor it's progress and respond to whatever insights we've gleaned from that process to improve the system.

This is an ongoing process on a platform and medium which is constantly developing and moving onwards. Because of this we put in a lot of effort to keep out finger on the pulse of the latest trends and techniques and then use the most appropriate ones for the strategy we've adopted to achieve our customers goals.

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Develop the value proposition 

What do we mean by developing the value proposition? Well... simply put it's asking what it is that your fans value when looking at a fan site, depending on your business it can be anything from discounts; ratings and reviews; information.

We look to see what your fans like talking about. In the case of Extreeme Adventure it is often about what a great time they've had and how exciting the experience is and singing the praises of the things Extreeme Adventure are involved in like Help for heroes.

We look at what the Facebook platform can offer your fans that you can't offer them elsewhere. That is the ability to review/rate their experience; Ability to read reviews/ratings of other peoples experiences; Ability to interact with other fans through comments and conversations to find out about the place and share experiences directly; And the imediate dispersal amongst your fans of promotions, discounts and special offers as they arise.

Once we'd done our reseach and found out these things, we look at how we can consistently provide the value proposition. The answer is on the one hand simple, you monitor and update the site in a variety of ways, but as ever, the devil is in the detail and the way you update and the timing have to be carefully managed.

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Develop the Content Strategy 

The content strategy is the plan or guide to how you release the content for the site. It is a plan we draw up to acheive the value proposition and like all good plans it should retain some flexibility. This is the overall guide for the types of content the fan site will update on an ongoing basis. Just like brand guidelines, it will save your Facebook fansite from appearing like it has ADHD. No-one likes to be enlessly spammed with poorly thought out rubbish and when they are people 'unlike' your page, so we've taken creating a good content strategy very seriously and only post quality content which has a well thought out purpose behind it.

With Extreeme Adventures we've deleloped a strategy utilising fan engagement; Discount and deal posts; Influencer posts; these things include posting status updates, notes on promotions, Images and videos, interaction with the fans and when fans post thier own photos and videos, positive reviews and comments we encourage because those posts have strong influence.

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Implement, then monitor and respond 

Simply put, we assign an in-house 'owner' of the fan site to take responsibility for it's maintenance and updates schedule, that way too many chef's can't spoil the broth. The owner then frequently monitors the site and how the content is performing. Finally they'll adjust the content according to those insights to increase the overall effectiveness.

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Facebook content update schedule 

The Facebook content update schedule is intended to be a flexible guide subject to change depending on changing circumstances, fan community culture/behaviour and the outcomes of Facebook insights analysis. As the fan base grows and changes, the Content update schedule will evolve to suit.

We take into account the times of day and days of the week and these are chosen for how effective our research has found those times and days to be. They are then altered to test the effectiveness of other times/days and changed to wherever they are best suited. Ultimately the system evolves over time to become more and more effective and growing and maintaining a strong, active community of fans and repeat customers, who in turn will evangelise other fans to the page and to visiting Extreeme Adventures.

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