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Adwords - Adwords Campaign Management 

Why use ISVirtual to manage your AdWords campaign? 

AdWords is how Google has become so rich. Its very easy to set up and its very easy to spend money on AdWords. Managing and optimising AdWords campaigns so that they are PROFITABLE is what we do.

Below is an actual ISVirtual client case study. The numbers are real.

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Cost per conversion against number of conversions 

Below shows the graph of all ad conversions since May 2011.

The green line shows cost per conversion against the blue line of actual conversions.

Before they retained ISVirtual cost per conversion (green) was around £50, 3 months later with ISVirtual its less than £15. And this is while actual conversions have been rising. We have reversed the green and blue lines so that cost per conversion goes down while actual conversions go up.

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Sales month on month against ad spend and net profit 

With conversions going up and the cost per conversion going down, this is how its affected sales and profit.

Month Sales Ad Spend Profit
May (before we were taken on) £4,550 -£4,204 £346
June £7,523 -£3,874 £3,649
July £13,941 -£4,544 £9,397
August £23,129 -£6,582 £16,547

Want to know how much we charge? 

We only take on work that provides you with excellent value, because your online success is ours.

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