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verb - to touch lightly as if in affection, to treat with favor, kindness etc.

When most companies make a sale, they take no action to thank their customer, to elicit feedback or to encourage repeat and referral business.

Because implementing a successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy requires buy-in from every business area, it can be a painful process.

We've implemented CRM strategies in large and small organisations and have successfully dealt with most of the issues thrown up by such an across-the-board rollout. While most employees dislike change, they can become enthusiastic advocates of change when they see it will not only provide a better experience to the customer but will make their daily work easier and more productive.

Furthermore your employees are often the best source of ideas which, implemented properly, will increase customer retention and profit. While we get to know your organisation, we'll speak with as many of your employees as practicable to get the fullest picture of your business and your customer.

Happy customers become enthusiastic evangelists for your business. The difference between an average business and a hugely successful business built on customer delight and referral is often just a few tiny, but very important, changes. We can help you indentify the changes you need to make to drive referals, and we can help you measure and encourage them on an ongoing basis.

Customer service is traditionally seen as a necessary cost, not a golden opportunity to delight the customer.

We have experience of building web-based customer self-help hubs which allow customers to answer their own questions with an intelligent system, saving the need for interaction with a staff member.

Of course these knowledge bases can also be invaluable reference points for staff too, helping to boost the quality of customer interaction whilst driving down customer service costs.

We specialise in:

  • Business process analysis
  • CRM strategy authoring
  • Sugar CRM implementation
  • Microsoft Dynnamics implementation (Microsoft accredited)
  • Customer referral measurement and encouragement strategies
  • Customer service semi-automation

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