AdWords, Pay Per Click (PPC)

"We can build a campaign of the highest quality to drive the most relevant prospects to your website"

AdWords and Pay Per Click have some similarities to organic SEO, although there are crucial differences. With AdWords and Pay Per Click, what we do is select keywords that trigger your advertisements according to a combination of targeting factors, timing, duration, search term, demographics, domain names and topics, the end result being that people who want your product or service are filtered through to your website.

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What customers see 

When a potential customer searches on Google, advertisements for your keywords are displayed as "sponsored links" on the right side of the web page, and sometimes above the main search results.

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Filtering the best prospects 

Some of the techniques we utilise are the AdWords features. IP address exclusion can target your advertisement using parameters such as language and location. We can identify which IP address ranges will be least effective and exclude them to maximise the quality of your results.

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Refining the formula 

We regulate the amount of times each user has the advertisement displayed to them and the most effective times to display the ad. We then refine the process over time to find the optimum frequency to attract the most interest and modify the campaign over time according to changes in the market place. The end result being more customer exposure and a positive impact on your business.

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What next? 

Now that you've got some more traffic to your website, what do you do with it? You'll want to convert that traffic into customers and to do that you need an effective website design.

Want to know how much we charge? 

We only take on work that provides you with excellent value, because your online success is ours.

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