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With so many companies operating in and around Essex and being essentially part of London you would expect the competition to be voluminous and highly competitive in terms of both SEO penetration and quality of web site design.

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Essex girls

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ISVirtual provide most all of the web design and SEO services to companies in Essex that you would expect BUT with a unique twist:  we are business people first – we work to understand your business, your market and your customers.  This means that everything we do for web site design or any SEO that we work on for you is entirely tuned to the needs of your business and your customer base.  As an example, we researched keywords based on web design and Essex and we only targeted keywords that actually have monthly search volume in Google.co.uk:

  1. web Essex
  2. web development Essex
  3. web services Essex
  4. web developer Essex
  5. web designers in Essex

These 5 search terms are the only ones that we could find that are worth any SEO company in Essex using in a search engine optimisation campaign.  These search terms are also ranked here from 1 to 5 in order of monthly search volume, from around 12,000 searches a month to around 90 searches a month.  Web services in Essex and generally, web development and web designers in Essex are obviously in demand and have a lot of great skills and examples of web development and web design work.  There is much more variation in quality and creativity in Essex than pretty much any other county we have looked at here…

There are many ways you can ensure your company is higher placed than your competition and we know most of them…here’s a major tip; create or film a short video about your product/service and ensure that you are including your target search terms that you already know, have monthly search volume.  Transcode the video to YouTube and add this information to the meta data.  Now embed the YouTube video into your web development Essex and you have created a backlink from a a website owned by Google, with over a billion users…  Maybe something like this video, if all you need is the word Essex:

ISVirtual are a Cambridge SEO and web site design and development company that specialise in making our clients successful online, using a combination of quality design, business understanding and search engine optimisation knowledge.

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