Web design Bedford

Web design Bedford

The best thing about Bedford are the enormous hangars that used to contain airships – have a look at their site: Bedfordshire hangars – awesome photos!  Recently, one of them was up for sale so if you have a million or so burning a hole in your pocket and you don’t mind living in a very big shed near Bedford, check it out…

Bedford, Bedfordshire hangars

Bedford, Bedfordshire hangars

Seriously though, Bedford is a pretty lively business town and near enough to London to be busier than other towns and counties in terms of web design Bedford or SEO BedfordSo I thought I would start by have a quick recap on what words there are in Google-land that might be useful to a local business…mine in this case!  Obviously we want to pick search terms that people actually search for so here’s 4 for you:

Web design Bedfordshire

Only 650,000 competing web pages when I had a quick look in Google at one of the top keywords below.  That might sound like a lot but seriously, it isn’t – it wouldn’t take much to be reasonably highly rankede fairly quickly for them – maybe within a month…  What does it take?  Read on…

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So, having chosen your target keywords, you just need to start creating web site design pages that are focussed around these targets.  Google likes to see what appears to be a vessel of specific knowledge, in an ideal World for each specific keyword.  Hey, if you only have a few target search terms then you might as well do precisely that:  design each website page around its own term – images, title, description, alt text, meta data, URL…

Web design in Bedford

So how else can you help to promote your business on the web?  Try making a video for YouTube and embedding that video into your web page just like we have with this video from YouTube – we just searched for Web design Bedford and got this:

If you really want to dominate local search then you’re probably going to have to learn SEO, web site design and website coding…alternatively just give us a call:  ISVirtual Tel. 0845 095 9000


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