123reg Site-Fusion: solar Cambridge example

Most of the big ISP’s have their own ‘drag and drop’ online website builders that allow ‘even a non-designer’ to build websites.  They are usually much harder to work than they make out, very limited in terms of editing the design  and don’t always produce the best/cleanest html code.

Saying that, I guess if you are prepared to put up with all this, the advantages are that they do give you ‘total’ control of all content and effectively provide a site-wide CMS to allow you to add more pages and content at any time in the future.

The other thing to consider is the cost.  Yes its low to get up and running but how much does it really cost?  123reg Site-Fusion costs £9.99 per month so over a year that’s £120.  Not bad.

Solar Cambridge

Here’s a 123reg Site-Fusion example of a company that sell solar panels and pv in Cambridge and Norfolk:


You pays your money…


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  1. Site Fusion is absolutely rubbish. The most frustrating, buggy site builder around and the back-up service is a joke. Stay completely away from it.

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