The truth is that they both rely on pretty much the same information and research but use different methods for implementation.

Pay Per Click or PPC/AdWords is like pay as you go – you pay, you get results, you stop paying, you stop getting results.  If you want to continue getting results you have to continue paying and over time this is going to be expensive.  Saying that, PPC does work and in the right situation it can be helpful as part of your online marketing strategy.

SEO is an investment which once completed continues to pay dividends.

Half of the work necessary to be successful at SEO is also necessary to be successful at PPC:  The keyword research that sizes your market for instance.

You must also remember that the response to SEO is very different to the response to PPC.  Most users consider the organic results area in Google to be the honest and therefore, trusted results from their search.  As long as there seem to be relevant pages returned they will start looking here.  If there are not relevant results in the organic area then they may look at the paid results (PPC/AdWords) but they are aware that these are paid-for adverts that bare no relation to the quality of the content they represent.

In conclusion you get a far higher return on investment with SEO but it does take a bit of time to start getting results.  PPC can be used to get instant results if you need a qualified traffic boost or to support a specific/short-term campaign.  PPC can also be used to attain high position for extremely competitive keywords that organic SEO would be challenging to succeed at.


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