SEO Sussex

SEO Sussex

Hiding away in the leafy, rolling countryside of Sussex are a load of lonely businesses.  Searching in Google are even more individuals who want what those businesses sell… If you SEO Sussex you get quite a bit of Google traffic that is worthwhile…

Beautiful Sussex countryside

Beautiful Sussex

Internet Marketing Sussex

If you want to successfully market your business in the internet you are going to need to consider a number of techniques and approaches such as organic SEO, AdWords, affiliate marketing and social marketing.  Surprising to find that in the beautiful county of Sussex there’s a very lively Google search market indeed – there’s even SEO East Sussex and SEO West Sussex…

  • SEO East Sussex
  • SEO West Sussex
  • consulting internet marketing Sussex
  • Google Sussex

Its not rocket science to become part of the high-ranking SERPs for this market in Google if you know what you’re doing;  Relevant content, contextual backlinks and social media all impact favourably.  Get it right and its your local products and services that get the click-throughs and then the calls rather than your competitors.

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How to raise your rankings in Google Sussex using digital video: There are many ways that you can effect the ranking of your website in Google Sussex.  Video is fast becoming one of the most effective and quickest ways to do this.  Here’s how:

1.  Simply create or shoot a video about your chosen subject (which is also your target search term that you want your website’s rankings to be improved for).

2.  Encode and upload the video to YouTube.

3.  Add your target keywords into the meta data.

4.  Embed your video into your website page…

Result?  You have a backlink from one of the busiest websites in the World!

Here’s an example for ‘consulting internet marketing Sussex‘:

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