SEO isn’t just about traffic its about conversion

So many SEO companies out there just concentrate on getting traffic, building links; raising the monthly volume to make their clients happy.

As part of our recommendations and strategy, we also focus on conversion strategies.  This is often overlooked by SEO companies and very often overlooked during an AdWords campaign.  There is little point in sending an increase in traffic to a website unless that traffic finds what it want and its converted into your goals.  Some of the strategies that can be recommended are;

  • Conversion forms
  • RSS
  • Blog
  • Forum
  • Sign-up/register
  • Auto-responder
  • Split-testing
  • Video
  • Give-aways

The key here is to tie in conversion strategies with the target keywords and traffic analysis and check monthly to tune conversion rates.  This will then allow you to track the whole sales cycle and know your cost per sale and your true Return On Investment or ROI.

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