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I remember going through Suffolk to Ipswich, under the wonderful Orwell Bridge and on to Pin Mill for one of the most memorable sailing trips in my life when I was a kid.  Little did I know that 30 years later I would be running an web company near Ipswich that delivers SEO and web site design.  ISVirtual have only been around for about 8 months but we have already created some SEO and web site design impact around Suffolk and Norfolk.

Ipswich Orwell Bridge

Ipswich Orwell Bridge

Google Ipswich

If you Google Ipswich for  ’seo ipswich‘ you’ll get plenty of competing pages and if you use a keyword tool such as Google’s external AdWords tool, you will find out that not all search terms are equal – below are the only Ipswich search terms for Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, internet marketing or Google that I could find actual monthly search volume for in for the web Ipswich;

  1. SEO Ipswich
  2. web Ipswich
  3. Google Ipswich
They are also in the order of volume, so 1 has the most searches per month and 3 has the least searches per month.  If you want to dominate the search market in Google Ipswich or around Suffolk then you are going to have to choose your keywords carefully and be a little more canny regarding your keyword research – there are more search terms that are worth targeting out there but I’ll leave you to find them…not as easy as you might think!

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Useful piece of SEO Ipswich advice: Make a YouTube video about web Ipswich and add your target search terms to the meta data, then embed the YouTube video into your website…

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