Cambridge Furniture Store

Reeds are a client of ISVirtual and are a highly recommended home store. They are based in the West Norfolk town of Downham Market. Reeds are often referred to as “The Harrods of the Fens” because of its size is rather surprising and deceptive. Reeds offers only the upmost quality homeware and furniture products. Believe it or not, part of the store is reputed to have been Admiral Lord Nelson’s school – Reeds Norfolk furniture store really has grew and developed rapidly into the 2st century.

Reeds’ Cambridge furniture store primary objective is to offer variety in products to ensure customer satisfaction. The personal service you get is unique and most people believe this to be lost. Reeds’ employees understand the products well and are always able to assist customers if necessary.

Builders Cambridge

Another Room is a client of ISVirtual and provides the best Cambridge builders. The company was created with a single minded objective; to build affordable and convenient living spaces that comply with their clients’ needs. Another Room seek to strive to continually improve area of their business to maintain customer satisfaction. The business is, after all, constructed on reputation.  At Another Room, we wanted to create a building company that broke down every stereotype.

At Another Room, our builders Cambridge believe that there is no reason to endure unreliable tradesmen or accept unreasonable prices for workmanship that is not adequate. We are very careful with each job we undertake and use only quality materials and with only proficient and professional tradesmen.

Luxury Norfolk Cottages

Wheatacre Hall Barns is a client of ISVirtual and provides excellent luxury Norfolk cottages in the countryside for holidays and weekend breaks. There are eight barns that have been converted into luxury accommodation for couples and family stays.  Situated near to the owner’s personal home, each of the barns has its own private sitting out area with easy access to the farm grounds. On the grounds you can partake in country and farm walks, course fishing, bird watching, cycling and many more outdoor activities.

Their farm is comprised of 1100 acres including a pedigree milking herd of 150 cows and their offspring. There is also 10,000 free range laying hens.  The converted luxury Norfolk cottages are all available for rent and are free for both weeks and weekends.

Each of the luxury Norfolk Cottages comes equipped with the following:

  • Linen and towels
  • Microwave, Dishwasher, Fridge, Freezer, Automatic washing machine
  • Cot, Highchair and Stair gate upon request
  • Hairdryer, internet access
  • Full central heating throughout
  • LCD T.V., DVD/Video, CD/Radio, ipod docking stations
  • Parking, Garden and patio area with furniture, Barbecue
  • Unfenced pond(toddlers beware!)
  • Games Room, Fishing, Shared hot tub (see right)
  • Fitness Barn, Soft Play Barn and Easy walking access

And much more!

Electricians Ely

Electricians Ely Provided by DJ Grace Electrical

DJ Grace Electrical is a client of ISVirtual and employs several skilled electricians and other workers to ensure that each job is completed to the highest possible standard. There electricians Ely services provide a whole variety of electrical services are provided including commercial and domestic in and around the Ely area. If you have a problem and need an Electrician in Ely then do not hesitate to contact DJ Grace in any matters relating to buildings.

Electrician Ely Flexibility

It doesn’t matter where you are located either; our electrician Ely will happily travel to where you are based to assist and to resolve whatever issue you may have. Every job is completed at a professional standard and they are highly competent in all areas relating to electrics. They also have in excess of twenty years’ experience altogether and guarantee customer satisfaction. Get in touch with our Electricians Ely today for a quote and we will be more than happy to help.

DJ Grace Electricians in Ely Summary

-          Are highly competence skilled electricians

-          Have in excess of 20 years’ experience

-          Are able to travel to where you are located

-          Are flexible in ability and can help resolve a variety of issues

-          Guarantee customer satisfaction

-          Will complete all jobs to the highest professional standard

Please get in touch with DJ Grace Electrical now:

Telephone: 01353 772 790

Mobile: 07900 814 254



123reg Site-Fusion: solar Cambridge example

Most of the big ISP’s have their own ‘drag and drop’ online website builders that allow ‘even a non-designer’ to build websites.  They are usually much harder to work than they make out, very limited in terms of editing the design  and don’t always produce the best/cleanest html code.

Saying that, I guess if you are prepared to put up with all this, the advantages are that they do give you ‘total’ control of all content and effectively provide a site-wide CMS to allow you to add more pages and content at any time in the future.

The other thing to consider is the cost.  Yes its low to get up and running but how much does it really cost?  123reg Site-Fusion costs £9.99 per month so over a year that’s £120.  Not bad.

Solar Cambridge

Here’s a 123reg Site-Fusion example of a company that sell solar panels and pv in Cambridge and Norfolk:

You pays your money…


ISVirtual Launches Audio Underground Website

Audio Underground are a rehearsal and recording studio in Stoke Newington, North London.

They asked ISVirtual to build them a website that clearly showed their rehearsal rooms to bands but without being too utilitarian.

ISVirtual responded by taking special panoramic shots of every room, showing to full advantage their airiness and natural light (uncommon for rehearsal spaces, especially in London!)

They say a picture paints a thousand words and that’s certainly the case with this site. We all know that people don’t read long reams of text on websites, choosing instead to scan, and with the Audio Underground site we took a fairly minimalist approach to the copy, choosing to let the pictures do the talking and limiting copy to the things people want to know – rates, parking, transport and lists of available equipment.

Twinned with a contemporary, clean but unfussy website design and, importantly, a clear call to action on almost every page (“phone us on…”, to convert visitors into enquirers,) we believe the new website showcases Audio Underground’s business perfectly.

SEO Peterborough

SEO Peterborough

ISVirtual are experienced experts in getting you localised search traffic to generate sales leads for your business.
When it comes to SEO Peterborough I was pretty surprised to find a busy and reasonably competitive search market in Google.  The quality of the competition is reasonable too although not quite as high as it is in SEO Cambridge.
Peterborough photo for SEO Peterborough

Peterborough photo for SEO Peterborough


Internet marketing Peterborough

I’ve never been to Peterborough in Cambridgeshire but Internet marketing here should be based on solidly researched keywords first – ask your marketing person if they know the answers to these questions and if they don’t, then they are not doing Internet marketing Peterborough correctly:
1.  What is your full list of target search terms?
2.  What is the monthly search volume in for each term?
3.  Where is each search term mapped on the web site?
4.  Which keywords are bringing actual visits to your website?
5.  Which keywords need up-lift?
6.  What are the historic ranks of each keyword?

Web Peterborough

To succeed in the web Peterborough you need a solid SEO Peterborough strategy backed up with a clearly defined list of target search terms and their placement on your web site.


Google Peterborough

If you want to improve your position in Google Peterborough there are a plethora of techniques and rumoured strategies that a million people will tell you are the holy grail of Internet marketing Peterborough.  Some techniques are pretty much fact though.  Take backlinks – a link to your web Peterborough from another web site that acts as a ‘vote of confidence’ in the eyes of Google.  The higher the rank and traffic on the linking site the better it is for your website.


So create a video about web Peterborough and upload it to YouTube, then add your target search terms into the meta data.  Finally embed the YouTube video into your web site…think about it…

If you need free advice or help to improve your SEO Peterborough performance just give us (ISVirtual) a tinkle on 0845 095 9000

Web designer Ipswich

Web designer Ipswich

ISVirtual are a new local company formed by 3 experienced web developers and search engine optimisation experts from London.  We have set ourselves up as experts in localised web development that is designed specifically to capture local search traffic and hence, sales leads for your company.

Yes I know we are not actually, strictly speaking a web designer Ipswich, in that we are not as such, in Ipswich but we do love Ipswich and we are a web design comnpany.  Its not always easy to find a good designer of any kind, especially a good web designer as they have to possess a rare mix of skills from creative and imaginative to logical and organised!  You show me a logical, organised web designer and I’ll show you rocking horse poo!

Ipswich train for web designer Ipswich

Ipswich train for web designer Ipswich

Web designers Ipswich

So are there great web designers Ipswich?  I’m not sure I found any great ones but there are decent ones out there…just not as good as us!  If you want to see a recent example of our web designer then please have a look at this:

We’ve got a whole lot more to show, its just finding the time to get our OWN ISVirtual website updated!!!

We know what its like out there when you work on your own all day, dealing with customers and/or staff, it can be tiring, so I tell you what, why not brighten up your day and give our friendly people a call ISVirtual on 0845 095 9000.  Maybe we can help create your 24/7/365 free employee for you?  (Your website)…

Ah this takes me back…

Web developer Norwich

Web developer Norwich

ISVirtual get you sales leads for your business by designing and developing websites built around targeted SEO.  What’s the point in a website if doesn’t improve your bottom line?
I really like Norwich, anyway I keep ending up there on business!  Its got a really sophisticated feel to it, almost cosmopolitan I might be persuaded to say (just a small bribe).  There are some really quite high-end web developer Norwich sorts and backed up with a fair amount of, dare I say it, London agency knowledge?  Maybe, like when the wooly mammoths used to walk freely across the North Sea before it got, well, all seaeey (?), maybe London web development agencies moved freely across Norfolk to Norwich…until the M25 was built…its just a theory…
Norwich, Norfolk for web development

Norwich, Norfolk for web development

Web development Norwich

So anyway, web development Norwich became cut off from civilisation in London and developed its own look and feel, its own ethos…attitude!  I feel like standing up and saluting web developers Norwich, Norfolk!

Web developers Norwich

I really have go carried away here, sorry, but I can’t help getting passionate when I think about web developers, especially in Norwich.  We’re not in Norwich but we’re not far away and we’re very very good – I know you can’t tell from our own website but its like cobblers shoes isn’t it?  Well it is, take my word for it, my shoes are awful.

Feel free to check out our SEO Cambridge website or call 0845 095 9000

Web Stevenage

Web Stevenage

ISVirtual have over 30 man years of web experience covering everything from web site design to SEO.  We are experts on localised search so if you need Google traffic in your area then you need us.

The state of the web Stevenage?  Well there’s well over a million competing web pages and some decent sites on the first few pages, so it seems pretty healthy…

Stevenage, Hertfordshire for the web

Stevenage, Hertfordshire for the web


Google Stevenage

On the other hand, from our point of view, there’s no real SEO or search engine optimisation search traffic out there, which means people either don’t have the vocabulary or they are not aware of the power of SEO.  The closest we can get to SEO is the word ‘Google’ which is a bit broad to be highly qualified.

Web design Stevenage

Web design does actually change from one town to another, from one county to another, so here in Stevenage web design again, has its own ‘look’; its sort of slightly simpler, more graphic, cleaner…is that like Stevenage itself?  Let me know:

Use another trick to get your rankings up by embedding a web Stevenage, Hertfordshire YouTube video into your own web page…

Or of course you can call an expert like ISVirtual: 0845 095 9000